German Shepherd Breeder in Miami, Florida

Welcome to Sonoline Shepherds! I am a physician and this is my hobby and passion. I breed and raise German Shepherds out of the finest German and European lines. My goal is to improve on the temperament, health, and structure of this breed. We produce puppies that adequately represent the breed and are stable and intelligent with good drive that will make these dogs suitable for many tasks.

about our dogs

We own and raise german shepherds that are from proven lines that have been established over many generations. I strongly believe that the genetic pool is the backbone of any living being therefore I look for strong genetic background. My love for the dogs and animals in general started as a child. I lived in a farm with my father who held a PhD in animal genetics and he was in charge of one of the biggest dairy farms in town. I used to help during the summer in feeding, taking care of cattle, and doing artificial insemination. After I finished my residency in Ob-Gyn, I moved to Miami, Florida in 1983. Few years after I purchased my first German Shepherd, followed by a few others. I was not satisfied until I imported my Sch III female from Germany and I wanted to breed as I became older and more knowledgeable about the breed. I later began to get attracted to the East German lines of the German Shepherd breed (DDR Lines).

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